Monday, April 26, 2010

No more ugly zero

The baby clothes quilt is done!
I love all the little things on it that remind me of my little babies.
And it's a perfect size for a lap quilt
or a girly tea party.

6 more things on my Spring to Finish list.

If they feel as good to get them done
as it did to get this honkin' quilt out of my craft room
perhaps I should stay up all night and do them all!

But probably not.


  1. Wow, that did turn out beautiful! What a great idea, I think I will have to do this when I am done with babies :) I have MANY of the same outfits!

  2. This is gorgeous!!! I love all the little details you included...pocket, snaps ruffled edges! Too cute!

  3. Aw, so sweet! I'm kind of wishing I hadn't gotten rid of the baby clothes now...but...the quilt would NEVER get done! :) So I suppose it's ok!

  4. I love it, Em! I'm actually working with someone right now on one of these for Christmas but I can't bear to cut into most of Grace's baby clothes!!! Seeing yours may just have been the inspiration I needed to GO FOR IT!

  5. I am so glad you girls like it. Jessica, it took me over two years to do this. Actually, it really took me a year and a half just to get the nerve up to cut them all. FInd a good spot for them and do it when you're ready-I waited till I was ready and I still cried! (I even blogged about it and made everyone so sad-sorry!)

  6. This is on my to-do list too... I'm in tears just thinking about it!! It turned out so beautifully. I saw that little pocket and my heart did a flip flop...because I recognize it from my own baby clothes pile. *sigh*
    TFS I love your blog!