Sunday, April 25, 2010

Do You Blog?

One Blog - One Tree

Never gave it much thought.
My blog leaves a carbon footprint?

Which reminds me...
when I was little
there were Menehune footprints
at our airport here on Maui.
When you got off the airplane and climbed down the stairs
(no jetways, people)
you followed the footprints to baggage claim.
Much cuter than carbon footprints.

Stay focused, Em...

Okay so the point is
there is a program which started in Germany called
My Blog is Carbon Neutral

For every registered blog
they will plant a tree
thereby neutralizing your blog's carbon footprint for 50 years.
50 years!

That's almost as good as the load of money we just shelled out for photovoltaics.
Better, really, because it's FREE (:

Just go here to join.

P.S. Is that ugly little 0
for my Spring to Finish
screaming at you like it is me?
No, I didn't think so.

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