Friday, April 9, 2010


A few days ago Flat Andrew came to visit us.
My cousin's son had read the book Flat Stanley at school
and the class made their own "flat self".
(click on the picture to see more Flat Stanley)

Andrew mailed his "flat self" to us
and we have been taking him on all sorts of excursions.
Bailey's teacher loved the project and ran with it.
(I love Bailey's teacher. Mrs. J, will you teach her in second grade, too?)

Flat Andrew has been all over with us.
(But I won't say where because I want the real Andrew to be surprised)
We're taking pictures and sending Flat Andrew
back to the real thing soon
with lots of stories to tell.

Needless to say, we've been thinking a lot about
mail and letters.

One of our favorite books is
It's a cute little story of a postman who delivers letters
to fairy tale characters like Goldilocks and Cinderella.
Every other page is an actual envelope with a letter tucked inside
and they are cleverly written
(for instance Goldilocks writes an apology to
Baby Bear for breaking his chair)

On library day at school last week Bailey chose
Dear Polar Bear
also a sweet little story with it's own letters inside.

And thinking about letters,
a while ago I found this little letter
I love how casual the note is.
No need to wait for a birthday or Valentine's day.
Perhaps mailed?
Or make one for the kid's lunchbox as a napkin.

Have you heard of the
Look how tiny Lea writes them!
World's Smallest Postal Service

And Just Something I Made has great letter things, too.
You can print this little stamp house out and
make one for yourself

And I love the way she decorates her mail with

Then today Ashley over at Lil Blue Boo
showed us how incredibly creative she is and posted
this Letter Package she sent
complete with letters that tell little bits of their own story
and souvenirs!

Have a fabulous weekend-
I hope you get lots of good mail!


  1. We did a version of Flat Stanley for our niece a few years ago and it was so much fun. I took pictures of our outings and placed them in a small photo album and wrote short messages about the outings. It was a big hit in her class and we really enjoyed doing it!

  2. We did Flat Stanley for a friend we knew, we sent him to our other friend who was in Iraq - I think the little boy was really excited to see his flat self with all of the Marines, and I think the Marines may have enjoyed it even more than we did....