Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Summer Theme

Topic: Fruits of the Spirit
Memory Verse: "Good fruit comes from a good tree"  Matthew 12:33,  we also discussed Galatians 5:22-the fruits of the spirit

We made fruit salad 
using melons, grapes and other "soft fruit"
 the kids could cut with a butter knife.

Watched the movie Beauty and the Beast.  
The girls LOVE this movie and Belle exemplifies all of the fruits of the spirit.

Made a Fruit Tree
This was a great tool for positive rewards and we'll be doing it again this summer.
Each time we "caught" the girls displaying a fruit of the spirit they
could write their names on the fruit they displayed and put it up on the tree.
{We did make a rule: no asking for fruit, they had to be caught-
although sometimes they did hint at the good deed they did}

Dana picked up some canvas and sewed lengths of fabric 
weighted at the ends
on to the top of the canvas.
(she filled the ends of ours with rice)

That way it could hang over a door like this:

I painted the trunk and the background 

then the girls used sponge stamps to paint on the leaves. 
We made the fruit from card stock,
different fruits representing different qualities.

we used velcro to stick the fruit to the tree 
(so we could take them off and do it again)

The kids were really excited to have something to work for
and it allowed us to discuss fruits of the spirit throughout the summer.


  1. I love this idea! Maybe I can use it one day when my kids are a bit older.