Thursday, May 6, 2010


I wanted to make a backpack for my girls to use on vacation.
Something that could hold things that would keep their attention
yet cute and girly enough that they'd want to wear it.
Because let's face it, I have girly girls.

This tutorial was over at U Handbag.
They have some pretty cute bags there and the backpack tutorial
looks pretty well written.
I'm not sure about the drawstring closure for my girls, though.

And checkout this adorable backpack pattern
I saw at my favorite sewing store.
Alas, the book was over $30 and although full of adorable patterns
there weren't many I would have used.
You can check it out here at Melly & Me.

This is one adorable backpack.
Apparently a cultural icon in Japan
as all school children wear them.
Found it over at Babesta
but considering the $400(!!!!!for a kids' backpack!!!) price tags, I'll have to pass.

RANDOSERU  -  fuwarii by Hideo Wakamatsu

I found a cute pattern at
and only $6
BPpair by madebyrae.

And isn't this cute?
A little scrapbook album in the shape of a backpack.
If only I was a scrapper.
mini backpack album

All very cute.
But not quite right.

So I'm making one.
Winging it.
Jumping in the deep in of the fabric pool.

And I'm working on a tutorial to go with it.
For you.
Because maybe you'd like to make a backpack too.

Wish me luck!

PS this isn't on my spring to finish list
but it's way more fun (:


  1. Good Luck on your backpacking! Those Melly & Me ones are so cute - and the scrapbook, I need to go check it out! :)

  2. I can't wait to see what you come up with. I would love to throw away Lilly's Disney Princess back pack and have her tote around something much cuter.

  3. Oooooooh, I can't wait!!! I had a sweet lady make Grace a toddler knapsack using Moda's pink sock monkey fabric right before she started nursery school two years ago and I LOVE it! Unfortunately she no longer makes them :(

    I'm on the hunt for a new one for next school year - I have the perfect japanese import fabric too! he, he he. I'm thinkin' I may just have to give it a try after seeing your tute! :)