Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Do you Match?

Before I had girls I hated pink.
Didn't think twice about Hannah Montana
And I didn't think matching your children's clothes was normal.

Ah, how parenthood changes us!

Matching dresses for our upcoming vacation.
Maile, Chloe, and Bailey's


  1. Very cute! Love all 3 of them. You have been one busy mom!!!

  2. love these awesome dresses... What pattern did you use?? Love them for my girls also!

    love Miranda

  3. OH my CUTE FABRIC! I love the patterns of the dresses as well. Do you have a tutorial for those? I too have all girls (thus far) and gotta say it...LOVE to match them! Were not quite to the Hannah Montana phase (I cringe to think about it...) But I felt that way about Dora..Now? Let's just say we have the theme song memorized! ")

  4. I used Frida from Modkid-it is so very well written and with the great size range it was worth every penny. You can see all her fabulous patterns here:

  5. Matching must be a sister thing, because I have to say that my kids have never purposely matched.

    That being said, adorable dresses. You'll know that you've gone too far when you start to make yourself a matching dress and Brad has the matching shirt.

  6. What some adorable dresses! I love the fabric & the pattern! My girls like to match, but it's hard to do it with all the different sizes. I have 6 girls from ages 1 to 10. I just might have to try this pattern, love it!