Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A girl with a new Bag

I finished my first backpack.
I am thrilled with the results
(mostly because some very choosy small people have asked me for one)
and Chloe wants to wear it all day long.

I am working on the tutorial
and hopefully will finish that up this week, too.

I hope you're excited about making one!

P.S. to Stephanie:
I was hoping I could make one of these for Maile.
For our little trip coming up.
And by hoping I mean that I am halfway through with it
and she'll be getting one anyway.


  1. It looks too complicated for my basic sewing skills, but I am excited for the tutorial anyhow, because my children just may need them.

  2. Don't worry, it's not as hard as it looks. And people will be so very impressed when you say that you made it (:

  3. SWEET!! Maile loves auntie Emily's awesome gifts.

  4. Very cute!!! This would be fun for Reese to carry all of her "stuff" in when we are out and about!

  5. Love it!!! Can't wait for the tutorial...and I know what you mean about writing the tute! :)

  6. Adorable~ can't wait for the tutorial! The fabric combo is super cute! ~ Stephanie Lynn

  7. I can't wait for the tutorial. I was suppose to make one for my little guy but was to intimated. I have fabric and all, ready to go. Now maybe I will be able to give it ago

  8. Wow. That basically sums it up for me. :) I bought a back pack yesterday and thought to myself "How DOES one make a back pack???". I should make one soon. :P thank you for inspiring me!

  9. Oh I can't wait for the tutorial, we just went to preschool open house last night!

  10. This is JUST what I needed... I can't believe I got to your blog today. For my son's 3rd b-day I'm planning on having 3 cousins sleep over. And I thought that it would be super cool to give each one a backpack as an invitation... with a note saying: pack your bag and come party... or something. And I just found the PERFECT backpack. Thank you, thank you, Thank you... all the way from Brazil!!

  11. oh how adorable!!!
    I can't wait for the tutorial.
    It looks like something you could buy at a boutique!