Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Well, all is right with my world again.

(my sewing machine)
is home.

You may remember the ugly incident with the
"sewable" sticky back velcro.
If you don't remember just trust me.
It's Not Sewable!

I rescued Helen from the mean mean man
who was holding her ransom
{and speaking very rudely}
and gave her over to Patricia's Dad
over at Sew Special.
(they had been moving earlier in the month
and weren't doing repairs then)
he fixed her in a day.
And I offered him a place to live should he ever become homeless.

The trade off?
My Camera broke.
Sent it off to Cannon and they should be
sending it back to my be the end of the decade.

So what have I learned?
1. Do not buy sticky back velcro
2. I like my camera a lot a lot a lot
3. But I LOVE my sewing machine.

So this is FINALLY done.

I love it.
Chloe loves it.
She wants me to make 7 more-
one for each of her babies.

I told my little Octo-Mom
it may take a while.

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