Thursday, October 29, 2009

My done to-do list

October is always a busy month for me.
Costumes to sew.
Many November birthdays to prepare for.
And Christmas is stirring and will need attention soon.

And then my husband left me.
Not forever,
just for a class in Nevada for a week.

I've had my hands full
and I've been getting it done

except for the blog.
and the stuff in the confessional (see below).

My checked-off to-do list:

Swap squares, cut, sewn and mailed.
I can't wait to see what comes back!

Pumkins picked
and carved
(some are still waiting to be cooked)

the Halloween banner cut, glued, glittered, and hung

and one matching father-daughter
Belle and her prince costume

(the prince prefers slippers-
what do you expect in Hawaii?!)

I am finishing up a baby blanket this week for our school's harvest festival
and working on a gift for my sweet little neice, Maile.
Then it's on to those Christmas gifts.

I opted for the sugar cookie mix when I made the cookies for Bailey's class to decorate.
And I bought Chloe's costume online (GASP!!!!) which I felt horribly guilty about (I always make their costumes) and was instantly vindicated in my disappointment when I tried it on her and practically fell apart (which I then spent as much time trying to fix the thing as it would have taken me to make one). And I didn't do a single dish in the sink for two days last week because my husband didn't come home 'til Saturday and no one but you and me will know. (wink, wink)