Monday, April 11, 2011

Hello, Kitty!

On our last road trip I made the girls minky car seat covers
to plant their tushies in for 3000 miles.
Chloe has graduated to a booster seat now so I decided to cover hers in minky, too.
{because I didn't want to hear about who didn't get the fuzzy seat today}
Minky is really nice to work with for this project because it stretches
so it's easier to make a nice fit and
it's fuzzy so crooked seams don't show as much :)
I recycled the minky I had used on her large car seat and cut it for the sides
then bought a small piece of Hello Kitty Fleece for the center.
I took off the existing cover and used it as a pattern.
I sewed the center together first
then fit the outside.
Underneath is lined with a super cheap quilted cotton.

Ready to go for another 3000 miles!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bags for my bag

Are you a purse dumper or organizer?
I am an organizer. Type A all the way.
So I made some little bags for my big bag
from the same Amy Butler book.
Oh boy, this was more confusing than the last pattern.
In this pattern she explains how to make these cute little origami bags in
six different sizes. The problem is that she gives you
all cutting instructions for the bags at the same time-
like you'll be making all six at once.
I needed copious amounts of caffeine to remember if I was doing the
small or x small or mini bags.
But I love the way she puts in the zipper-
especially with the lining.
Worth the confusion just for that lovely piece of info!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sewing Again and a book review

I took a bit of a break from crafting.
I was organizing and cleaning out and getting the cobwebs out.
But like most crafters,
I can't stay away long.

I bought this book by Amy Butler
from my favorite sewing store
along with some fabric to make the first project.
{yes, I am in love with our proteas that are in bloom}
This book has some very cute patterns in it and I plan on making every single one.
I got right to sewing and completed the first bag:

I am so excited with it.
I did add a couple pockets on the inside
{not the large ones, but a couple small ones on the inside at the ends}
Next time I will definately interface the pockets on the inside-
you can see how the pockets "fall" into the bag because they are so large.

It's a large bag and will be perfect for our vacation this summer.

The book has very cute patterns in it.
I will probably make them all over the next year.
Amy Butler always has a simplicity about the
way she does things that makes sewing logical.

My disappointment with this book is that there are not enough pictures
and these are not the easiest pattern instructions Amy Butler has done.
Instructions are fairly clear (but I often needed to read them a few times before I got it)
and some portions would have definitely been easier with a picture at hand.
If you have not made bags before I would recommend
one of her individual patterns first
(not in a book)
those come with nice pictures and clearer instructions.
Overall, a great book for the moderate sewer.

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