Thursday, November 19, 2009

Christmas Crafting

I've been finishing up my Christmas crafting
which is why I haven't been posting.

Not because I've been super busy
(which I have but I always have time to blog
especially if I have other things
I'm supposed to be doing....)

No posts because
I'm a firm believer in surprises.

So I've been crafting
and I love to listen to music while I'm crafting
(because then I can't hear if the children are fighting).

Do you read Nie?
She's a lovely mother
with a wonderful perspective.
Today she introduced my to Pandora.

I am in love.
I can listen to Frank
while I do this

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Taking Names and Spending Money

I am finishing up my Preliminary Christmas Shopping this weekend.
What, you ask, is Preliminary Christmas Shopping?
Well, it's the shopping that has to get done so that the
In-Season Christmas Shopping is less stressful
(because just finding a parking space is hard enough!)
and shopping that must be done
so we're not worried if our gifts have made their
Pacific Ocean flight safely and in time.

Basically it's everything
except stocking stuffers.

Now don't go and think I'm all prepared.
I have set this deadline because
I have hit my limit of
brain-cell loss due to Christmas stress.

And like many deadlines, this one
snuck up behind me and yelled
To which I promptly jumped up and went internet shopping.

These are some of the goodies I've found:

RobotCandy on Etsy.
I instantly fell in love with their tile coasters.

She has the most darling necklaces!

Wonderful vintage feel with a cute twist.
I love this one:

I got Dana some Mommy Calling Cards here last year.
I think I may have to get the girls olliegraphic name prints this year.

choose-your-silhouette(s)Personalized Water Bottle :: In the Gardenolliegraphic name print :: girl

Great educational toys
Buildings of the World PuzzleChildren Around the World Floor Puzzle “Friends Say Hello” Puzzle

Such cute kids shirts.
Kid's Vintage Lil Bit CountryKid's Vintage I'm The Only HeckKid's Vintage Daddy's Lil CowgirlKid's Vintage T Rodeo

I've done my part for economy recovery. Have you?