Thursday, June 3, 2010

Luggage Tags

{We've got a trip coming up
and for the next couple weeks
I'll be doing projects related to traveling}

Lovely Little Luggage Tags
This is a really easy sew
and it's so cute to have matching ID tags
for the little ones' bags.
{or bright, noticeable ones for the grown ups}

Start with printing out the template here.
{There's three sizes to choose from}

You'll need:
Printer Fabric (I found mine at my craft store)
Fabric for backing
Eyelets or grommets, depending on how big your tags will be
The kit to put the eyelets/grommets on to the fabric
(sometimes they come together, sometimes they don't.)

Eyelets and the tools to put them together

So first of all print out your information onto your fabric.
{I put my daughter's names and two cell numbers}
Be sure that you leave plenty of room to sew-
at least 1/2 inch around the wording.
I like to test one out on a plain paper first to check the size is right.

Cut out your pieces,
one with the info
and one for the back

With the right sides together, sew 1/4" from edge.
Then go back and sew again closer to the edge.
{I sewed mine 3 time because the fabric was unraveling easily}
Clip the corners.

Carefully turn it inside out.
Push the corners out with a boning knife  or an eraser.

Tuck the edges in as little as possible
{I use the tip of a straight pin to manipulate the fabric where I want it}

Iron it flat
Top stitch close to the edge
{but not over your words}

Lay your eyelet or grommet on the fabric where you want it.
Mark the spot.

Make a LITTLE hole where you marked.
You can always make the hole bigger.
I make a small snip with my scissors
then push them through to widen the hole.

Push the eyelet through the tag
and place it on the holder

Put the flattening piece on top and hammer down.
{You should do this on a work surface
or you could do it on your sewing desk and hold your breath like I did}


I used a ribbon and sewed it on to the girls' backpacks

For the girls' suitcases I made
a double-layer tag.
I wanted the information covered for security
and so I made two tags
and connected them with one grommet.

Let's hope our luggage doesn't get lost (:

Join us Saturdays at for the weekend wrap up party!


  1. Very cute! Did you make the backpack too? Or how did you find matching fabric- the deer and hello kitty fabric are both soo cute! Where can I look for them? =)

  2. The Hello Kitty Fabric is a flannel I got from my local sewing shop. I found the pink version on etsy here
    The backpack is the one I made, you can make one, too! The tutorial's on the sidebar (:
    The deer fabric is a Japanese import I got (sad to say) at WalMart. (Our WalMart here has a pretty great fabric selection). I did find some on etsy searching the supplies tieh "Japanese Kawaii Fabric". Two places I found something similar was
    Happy Hunting!

  3. Love THIS IDEA~ brilliant! Such cute fabric too. Enjoy your travels. Jenn

  4. Too cute!! Great idea! I love that deer fabric!

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