Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hair Bows

I love hair bows.
They are one of those girly things I swore off in my younger years
which I succumbed to after having two little girls.

So I've been busy making bows to go with the girls' outfits on vacation.

These are to match these dresses

I used the fabric from the luggage tags 
and put them on those cover-your-own buttons.
{so great, you only need a scrap of fabric!}

There are some great hair bow instructions at the ribbon retreat.
For the korcker bows I found pre-cut dowels in my wood section of our craft store
and I usually bake them in our toaster over.

I still have to make pink ones and I was thinking rainbow colors would be fun, too.

I was inspired by Grace at Little Pumpkin Grace
Jessica always puts the cutest bows in her hair!

So my goal is to have a set for each outfit.
We'll see if they actually stay in their hair...


  1. Your bows are adorable! Thanks for sharing pics!

  2. know I love me some bows!! :) I figure I've got maybe 3-4 more years that Grace will let me put them in her hair so I better take advantage of it while it lasts!!! LOL!

    Love the blue/green/brown bows M2M the Frida dresses you made - SO.STINKIN.CUTE!!!

  3. A bow to match every outfit? You do realize how crazy you are, right?