Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Get Out of Town (the longest post ever)

Topic: Camping
Memory Verse:
"Be still and know that I am God" Psalm 46:10
"Be strong and courageous for the Lord your God goes with you" Deuteronomy 31:6


Glow in the dark T shirts

The kiddos drew their own shirts using "stamps"
we had cut out of sponges
of stars, rocketships, and planets.
We used regular tshirt paints
and then painted over it with glow in the dark tshirt paint 
(found at our local craft store)
These can take a couple days to dry so plan ahead!

Pinecone Bird feeders
We found pinecones around our campsite and covered them with
peanut butter and birdseed
then hung them outside on a tree near the cabin.

Treasure Containers
We took the plastic containers 
that you get out of a toy vending machine
and drilled holes in the caps.
Then I threaded two ends of the ribbon into the container
and tied a big knot.
I saw these somewhere in cyberspace-if you did it let me know (:
These are great because the kids can only bring home what fits in the container.

Play Cards
Our girls love the 
but just a plain old deck works just as well.

Take a Hike

Explore what's around
and look for signs of living nature.
While in the woods we had a quiet moment
and talked about our scripture verses.

'Smore, Please!
I am pretty strict about what my girls eat
but I am sure that the memories made and the nostalgia it will
create later in their lives
is worth the sugar in their diet.
(But that's just me)

Let them Be

Most of all, be flexible.
Think of it all as an adventure.

Last year we went up to Polipoli cabins.
It was unusually cold that time of year (about 35 degrees inside)
and we were all freezing in our little single-wall construction cabin.
None of the kids were sleeping and it was late.
So we all dragged our beds out to the main room where the 
fireplace (and our collective body heat)
kept us warm.

If you don't want to camp in a tent, then don't.
The term "camping" has taken on a much looser meaning 
since we started to bring little ones with us.
(Check out the extension cord running from the generator
to the cabin)
We may not be really "roughing it" but we are having fun.

Don't let the little ones stop you,
they'll have fun, too.

Don't know where to go?

This is when I tell you it is your duty as a citizen of the United States
(if you are a citizen of the United States)
and your great privilege to participate in the National Park System.
I could do a whole series of posts on our National Parks.
But they're not very crafty, are they?

Still not sold?
Just spend the night in your backyard.

Happy Camping!


  1. Now I really want to go camping! I wish we had a backyard where we could set up the tent, great post!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I love the idea of having a theme, topic, and "verse" to focus the day. Kids really respond to that kind of structure and rhythm in their lives. They are more cooperative and know what to expect. Also a great way to introduce family "values" in a kid friendly way. Have a great summer-mymommymakesit

  3. Awesome post.
    We are actually going camping for the FIRST time this summer! I'm really scared to sleep in a tent, outdoors!

    I haven't read a book in so long :(
    I just picked up "The Help" to read on our road trip. My friend just read this "The Crowning Glory
    of Calla Lily Ponder" and said she couldn't put it down.