Friday, July 16, 2010

On My Mind

So as with all my vacations 
I've come back with a fresh perspective.
Does that happen to you?
A change of scenery does me so well.
Especially when the scenery looks like this.

So I've got a few {thousand} thoughts swirling around
and organizing these thoughts is paramount for
accomplishing anything creatively.

This is my brain clutter
{You may stop reading if you like.
No offense.
My brain is quite crowded.}

I have signed up at our local Community College.
Chloe is going off to preschool this year
and I will be heading to school as well.
To play with fabric.
What could be better?!

I am mapping out an online store in my head.
Scribbling notes on what to stock it with.
And hope to be up and running in November.

I have washed a suitcase full of fabric 
and am dreading ironing it.

Thinking about Toy Story 3 and
wishing my children didn't think it was "Too Boyish" for them.
(Am I too old to watch cartoons on my own?)

Thinking I should get a bigger garden going.
(it's not too late here)
Vegetable Garden

Loving the Etsy finds from Inspired Results.

I am wishing winters here were colder so
 I could make this in the summer.
summer recipe | blackberry cobbler

Perhaps I will just live vicariously through Bonnie. 
I love her blog, Going Home to Roost.

And while reading comments on Bonnie's blog, 
I came across a comment that linked to the most fun ice cube tray ever.
{I am not particularly fond of shaped ice cube trays.
They take up too much space when you're not using them
and I can never remember to use them anyway.}
But this I would buy.
Ice cubes in the shape of coffee beans for iced coffee.
Because that would make me smile.
{And really I drink coffee to be happy}

So I was curious about who found such fun-ness
and followed Amanda Joy to her blog

And now I'd follow her anywhere
{especially to her Etsy shop}
Look at these cute clocks she makes

Then I somehow ended up at
and I am smitten again.
She has lovely taste.

Which reminds me of Jessica and her lovely taste.
Isn't Grace's room adorable?
Go vote for Grace's room over at
{it really is the cutest room there}

I have vintage family photos to be scanned

and a kid's craft area to finish
using some of these

And Alicia over at Posie Gets Cozy
has put together a children's reading list.
(click the picture to go to her blog and then the list)
And I have the sudden urge to complete this list with my girls.
{Okay, not today, but you get the point}

and the girls' bedroom with a mind full
of projects that I can't wait to get done

Christmas gifts to work on

We have a camping trip next week
to one of my most favorite camping spots,

and last 
{and best of all}
a sweet little nephew on the way
who is demanding a pile of cute little boy gifts
when he arrives in November.
{of course, I will oblige!}
Vintage Red International Metal Farm Tractor
Vintage Toy Tractor

and I can't leave out the new big sister
because this will be her sister-anniversary for years to come
Big Sister shirt

And later this week I shall tell you about my thrifting finds
and our new pet squirrel.

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  1. Hi Em!

    Love your blog and your thought evolution is so cute. It's so true how easy the brain gets crowed and then follows tangents!