Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Some of my recent thrifting goodies:

A Dressmaking book from the 60s
dust jacket is falling apart 
but the rest of the book is in great condition

This cookbook:

My mother has this book and
it holds some of my earliest childhood cooking memories (:

Another cookbook:

I almost didn't pick it up
because I couldn't really see any of the cover decoration
{Yes I choose books by their cover}
But luckily I opened it and found this:
Recipes hand written in every available space.
The book was written in 1906.
I love it.
And I paid a dollar for it.

The Complete Book of Sewing, 1943

I have a thing for sewing books and cook books. Can you tell?

And I got an assortment of children's books
for the kids' school/craft room.

And this is our new pet.

Chloe found him at a thrift store
and would not leave him.
She totes him around
and feeds him
and has dropped him on her toe.
And she loves to say "SQUIRREL!"
All for only a quarter.

Tomorrow we will be heading out
to my favorite camping spot
where we will spend the weekend
eating smores
and playing cards
and exploring the wonderful nature around us.

And in one of our most favorite places
with our closest of friends
we will celebrate 10 years of
a most wonderful marriage.

See you next week!


  1. Holy cow! That Betty Crocker book gave me some serious flashbacks. I had forgotten all about it!

  2. GREAT finds! That cookbook looks neat.

  3. Love all those cookbooks!! Happy Anniversary!