Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I am constantly cleaning my house.
(Okay, this blog is proof of my exaggeration.
It FEELS like I am constantly cleaning)

The other day I put together a work apron
from one of my most favorite vintage kitchen towels.

It had some stains on one side of it
so I hid those on the inside.
I made three pockets
one for a notepad
(because thoughts fly out of my head faster than
flights out of LAX)
one for little things to be put away
(you know, earrings, hairbands, polly pocket shoes)
and one for trash.

I love it. It makes straightening up so much easier.
And it's cute.

I also made an apron for my sweet
all-boy nephew
on his 3rd birthday.

It's a construction apron for his vast stash of tools.
His Daddy's a contractor.
When Ivan pulled it out of the bag he said

I love that boy!

I also made him a cape.
Ivan the super-contractor.
Loosely based on the pattern I found through

One of my most favorite aprons I made
out of a table cloth my Granny handed down to me.
She a received it as a wedding gift from the Whaleys.
One of her four children
(who shall remain unnamed)
had cut a couple inches into it decades ago.
It sat in my linen closet for 8 years
until I did this:

Now it sees more use than most of my linens combined.

A few years ago I made a little apron
for Bailey on her birthday.

I think it's time to make one for Chloe, too!

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  1. Just found you through Little Pumpkin Grace (in the comments...I'm a snoop..hehe).

    I am absolutely loving your kitchen towel work apron!!! I so need to make one of these. I'm always at a loss when I straighten up the house and am wearing pants without pockets. Thanks for sharing all your fun craftiness. :)