Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sweet Cousin Gift

On our last long road trip Bailey was just 4 and not yet reading. I picked out some of her favorite books to bring with us. Before we left I used a very simple recording program to record myself reading the books. I put the tracks on CD and Bailey was able to "read" her books in the car. (I get car sick easily. She doesn't.)

For Christmas I thought it would be fun to give my niece Maile a couple books with a CD of Bailey reading the books to her. I made a little felt case to put the books and the CD in.

It would have been much, much easier if I had used a flat little Golden Book
but Bailey REALLY wanted Maile to have this one of these. (We're suckers for Sandra Boynton. She makes us laugh.)

It came out better than expected and it sounds like Maile likes it.


  1. What a great idea for a gift. Of course, I would just buy a bag to put the items in - but your way is much, much cuter.

  2. Having your children "read" to their cousins for a book and CD gift set is a great idea. I'm going to jot that one down! :) And on a different note: your blog is cute! I'm excited to see more posts soon! :)