Thursday, January 28, 2010

Chloe is now three.
(Yes, I realize there are four candles on the cake.
We add an extra one to grow on.)

I made her cute little cupcake shirt from and old purple t shirt she grew out of
It was super easy.

I made a matching skirt
using the tutorial over at
Melissa really has the cutest ideas
and a very lovely etsy store.

Her sweet little birthday crown
tutorial was found here.
This one is super cute, too.

And now for the sad news.
My fantastic sewing machine broke.

Don't ever sew sticky back velcro even if the box says you can sew it.

I started this little doll quilt for Chloe a few weeks ago.
It is now put together and patiently waiting to be quilted.

But I live on an island.
In the middle of the ocean.
With a very rude sewing repairman who has no
sense of urgency in the matter.

I am contemplating two courses of action:

1. I could bribe him.
Probably the most effective route but will cost me something.
On top of the arm and leg he's going to charge me to fix the machine.

2. I could call him every half hour until it's finished.
Definitely the cheaper route.
And more fulfilling (in a vindictive sort of way)
But then if he refuses to fix it...oh, let's not go there.

Until then Dana has lent me her machine.
(She is on a knitting kick)
Thank God for good friends!

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  1. Happy Birthday Chloe!!! And good luck with your poor sewing machine...I would definitely go with bribery, if you ever want to see it in one piece again.