Friday, July 15, 2011

Making me Smile

I got it at Anthropologie at Irvine Spectrum.
I wish my kids were there
so I could have gone on the ferris wheel.
{But then I wouldn't have gone into Anthropologie}
I should have gotten this, too.
{I can't remember why I didn't!}

The little scale is staying there.
I'm not sure what to do with the sugar dispenser.
And I need to hang that sweet recipe holder
It's got a hole on top but I don't want some
boring picture-hanging nail sticking through.
Any ideas?
{Strawberries are were from the Kula Country Farms. Divine.}

A little box of goodies from my dear Mother in Law

Fridge happiness.
My Awesome card. (found via pinterest, of course!)
My timer (which only gets used for time outs).
(just high enough the kids can't really read it
but it makes me smile)

Crochet yellow blanket from the St. Joseph Thrift Store
with Bailey's pink knitting yarn.

My antiquing goodies combined with some
family treasures on the office book shelves.

And of course these two make me smile:

Such goof-balls there's no doubt we're related :)


  1. You can always hang it up with some sturdy ribbon or some bakers twine. and instead of hooking it on a nail or hook you can get a drawer nob ^_^ that way, if need be you can take it down without a problem ie to search for a recipe

  2. I have one of those egg things too! NYC Anthro. Its always filled with brown eggs on my counter!