Monday, April 11, 2011

Hello, Kitty!

On our last road trip I made the girls minky car seat covers
to plant their tushies in for 3000 miles.
Chloe has graduated to a booster seat now so I decided to cover hers in minky, too.
{because I didn't want to hear about who didn't get the fuzzy seat today}
Minky is really nice to work with for this project because it stretches
so it's easier to make a nice fit and
it's fuzzy so crooked seams don't show as much :)
I recycled the minky I had used on her large car seat and cut it for the sides
then bought a small piece of Hello Kitty Fleece for the center.
I took off the existing cover and used it as a pattern.
I sewed the center together first
then fit the outside.
Underneath is lined with a super cheap quilted cotton.

Ready to go for another 3000 miles!

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