Friday, February 12, 2010

Done (well, almost)

Well I have to admit I'm a little behind but at least I'm ahead of the due date.
(what did she just say?)
I was planning to have my Valentine's projects wrapped up a few days ago so that I could move on to the things I wanted to do for Chloe's birthday party next weekend. I'm still confident I'll get everything done, just not when I thought I would.

(my continued sanity is not guaranteed as evidenced by my decreasing clarity)

These projects were really easy so you could probably pick one and still get it done in time.

Well first off, I changed my mind.
(shocking, I know)
I decided to do a little handmade gift for Bailey's teacher and came up with this:

I attached it to a magnet/clip thing so her teacher could put it on her file cabinet at school.
It took one afternoon of embroidering while watching the girls play house and completely neglecting the laundry.

I completed Brad's gift.
By far the most involved of the projects I did this week.
But he's worth it.
And I love all the cute little notes we can "write" to each other now.
no, I won't tell you what they say(;

And crayon rolls. Done.
I love how they came out.

I decided I would much rather do a garland project with the girls
than the fabric one I originally found.
So we've been gluing and glittering and crafting like crazy
and hopefully tomorrow I can show you a finished product.

Happy weekend!

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