Thursday, July 30, 2009

Back to School

There is something so very wrong about going back to school in July.
Yet here it is, the first day.
Here are some of the things I did for Bailey to get her school year kicked off right,
even if it is still summer.

We made hair ribbons to match her new uniform.
The tutorial can be found here.

I made name tags for Bailey's lunchbox and backpack.
I used the little cutouts that come with the scrapbook paper packs
and added Bailey's info on the back.
Then I laminated them and put them on with a key ring and a ribbon.

Our theme for the year is 
"Do Your Best"

 I made some decorations for our Back-to-School breakfast.

Using scrapbook paper, I cut out two circles with fancy-edged scissors.
I used the fancy edge because it hides mistakes-
it is very difficult to cut a nice, straight circle!
 I used a dessert plate and a bowl as templates.

Then I put them together with a brad
and added my words along with some sticker decoration.

I hot-glued trim around the outside.
I used leftover fuzzy yarn.

Then I glittered them up
and when they were dry I glued them together.

Bailey loved the decorations with 
her annual back-to-school breakfast
of cheese blintzes with boysenberry syrup.
Mmmm....I should have made more...

I also sent Bailey to school with a gift for her teacher-
a nice bottle of hand lotion with a tag          
" Here's to a "smooth" year. "  

What are your back-to-school traditions?

Or is it waaaaay too early to start 
thinking about it yet?!

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  1. School didn't even END here until the 24th, I think there would be riots if they had to go back already *L* Are you guys on a year-round schedule? That's the only reasonable conclusion I can come to!